Only a Kiss

Written on January 18, 2009

Only a Kiss

This beauty enveloping me
Is your gift to behold
Should your sights be fixed
Unleashed within my gaze

I see what it means
To witness trust and understanding
Cushioning our aching hearts
Pillowing weary souls to slumber

Rest here a while without fear
Holding tight to uncertainty
An emblem of your tepid free will
Choosing to share my consciousness

Feeling its lyrical logic tingling
Up and down your spine twisting
Into knots binding our souls
Even as we lie worlds apart

Sentiment travels between us
Reaching for destinations unforeseen
Reflecting a knowledge of beauty
That only a kiss can convey

Musing Alone

A friend made me wonder about musing and muses. Here’s a poem on the subject, written Mar. 23, 2009. Since this is the first poem that I have published openly on the Internet, allow me to explain that the stanzas tend to blend together but are very much meant to be read independently, including each verse. The blending of lines is intentional and hopefully will add depth to the experience of the poem.

Musing Alone

The Muse transports me
You see, within thee
Fuzes lit with fires
Of a paralyzed gaze

Looking inwardly tempts
Meaning, suggesting what
We want, to be consumed
By the oblivion of essence

Conferring upon the entity
Anything more than ignition
Dilutes the power possessed
Blinding us with light

Mythologized in our minds
We respond to programming
Whether it be theirs or ours
Tucking away memories

Purity of thought might
Circumventing old interpretations
Help us know more meaning
Than musing alone can allow

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