Within Your Time

Within Your Time

Never before
Did I want to know
The truth of you
Without a peel

Always after
Your penetrating gaze
Belied the urgency
To know myself

Before always
There I stood
In awe surrounded
By soulful moonlight

Always never
Able to convey
My breathless immersion
Within your time

The Freedom of Infinity

The Freedom of Infinity

The wild Equine spirit is the romantic ethos
that inspires the free spirit.

Why did we ever seek to tame her?

We mourned the loss of Innocence.
We scorned the onset of Ignorance.
We shunned the duty of Intelligence.
We ignored the voice of Intuition.
We denied the absence of Integrity.
We muted the forces of Inspiration.
We feared the freedom of Infinity.


Written January 30, 2014.