Between, Without, Within

The Divine Couple

Between, Without, Within

One day soon
I will capture the dove
Who secretly flies
Your heart and mine

I’ll set her free
From our polity
To fly blissfully
Fearful limitations

She’ll show us
How unrestricted peace
Immerses our hearts
An abundance of intimacy

Within Your Time

Within Your Time

Never before
Did I want to know
The truth of you
Without a peel

Always after
Your penetrating gaze
Belied the urgency
To know myself

Before always
There I stood
In awe surrounded
By soulful moonlight

Always never
Able to convey
My breathless immersion
Within your time

Conditioning Unconditional Love

Conditioning Unconditional Love

I know nothing
Of perfect love
Other than its whim

I know nothing
Of imperfect love
Other than its timing

When will love
Just be love
Without condition?
Without cause?

All I know
Of impending love
Is that desire
To love is eventual

In desiring to love
The whim wills within
Thinking without limitations
Acting impulsively attracted


Written February 2, 2015.

The Freedom of Infinity

The Freedom of Infinity

The wild Equine spirit is the romantic ethos
that inspires the free spirit.

Why did we ever seek to tame her?

We mourned the loss of Innocence.
We scorned the onset of Ignorance.
We shunned the duty of Intelligence.
We ignored the voice of Intuition.
We denied the absence of Integrity.
We muted the forces of Inspiration.
We feared the freedom of Infinity.


Written January 30, 2014.

To Live On

To Live On


That your nature has allowed you
To go to seed,

For the flowers that you see
Blooming, within my heart,

Are a reflection of
Your love’s desire,

To live on.


Written August 7, 2013.

Morsels of Meaning

Morsels of Meaning

When we see moments as moods,
Accepting them as units of momentousness,
They become timeless
Morsels of meaning.

Experiencing meaning as the melody of mood,
Helps us savor the taste of being,
As a flow of appreciation
That bursts with rhythm.

According to the rhymes of awareness,
We are moved to emotion,
A stillness of time whose color fades,
With a flood of feeling.


Written July 17, 2013.

Love’s Parade

Written February 17, 2012, inspired by the desire to love, even if it only ends up being fanfare in the other’s heart. 

Love’s Parade

My love is unbridled

She gallops towards you

To shepherd my journey

A parade through your heart


Within and Without Love

Written July 4, 2013, inspired while pondering the relationship of independence to love on the day known as “Independence Day” in the USA. 

Within and Without Love

Without my presence,

I cannot be penetrated.

Within your presence,

You can penetrate me.


Metaphor Seeks Metamorphosis

Metaphor Seeks Metamorphosis

Arguing with a poet is of no use,

For the poetic is never wrong;

Its metaphor seeks metamorphosis,

Through the mirror of our moods.


Written June 6, 2013. 


The Fluid of Mood

Written June 3, 2013, while pondering the Red Herring of Hypocrisy in the Light of Love. 

The Fluid of Mood

Through bubbles of conscious inconsistency,

Authenticity displaces false integrity,

Allowing the fluid of mood to take

The shape of its intended mold.


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