Morsels of Meaning

Morsels of Meaning

When we see moments as moods,
Accepting them as units of momentousness,
They become timeless
Morsels of meaning.

Experiencing meaning as the melody of mood,
Helps us savor the taste of being,
As a flow of appreciation
That bursts with rhythm.

According to the rhymes of awareness,
We are moved to emotion,
A stillness of time whose color fades,
With a flood of feeling.


Written July 17, 2013.


Love’s Parade

Written February 17, 2012, inspired by the desire to love, even if it only ends up being fanfare in the other’s heart. 

Love’s Parade

My love is unbridled

She gallops towards you

To shepherd my journey

A parade through your heart


Within and Without Love

Written July 4, 2013, inspired while pondering the relationship of independence to love on the day known as “Independence Day” in the USA. 

Within and Without Love

Without my presence,

I cannot be penetrated.

Within your presence,

You can penetrate me.