Three More Letters

Written October 26, 1994, in my junior year of university study.

Three More Letters

If you were cherished, do you think you would perish?
Do you think it would overwhelm your soul
To be loved not only as part, but as a greater whole?
Would you like to meet the one who speaks with gentle words
The thoughts he heard his heart demand
Within its stand against wasted feeling?

If you were cherished, would you call it ‘love’?
Do you know that word?
Could you feel its touch?
Living life uncherished leaves a void inside
But the thought’s denied as you bide the time.

Just three more letters, another syllable for you
Then you will feel cherished, as I want you to be
For love is trite, another four letter word
But you are cherished with seven, so you win this time.

Adding four seems such a sin
But eleven equals seven, so you win again
Cherished with love eternally
Rejecting loss as a means to an end.

If you did cherish, would your loved one perish?
Would the pressure felt cause him to melt?
Could the love you give make her flee in disbelief
That something free should cost so much?

If you did cherish, would your feelings perish
If the love you give is not returned?
Should you learn that love is the fall of man?
Could you turn to lust as an ‘other’ plan?
Or would you simply perish, as if you were cherished
Drained by love, bruised by lust, betrayed by trust?


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