Dreaming for Consciousness

Written October 16, 2008, for Irene Prado, a dear friend, for her birthday, in response to the first and only poem she has written in English, “(Don’t) Look Back”. I feel that other special people I know may enjoy and relate to this piece, so I am finally sharing it, for the first time.

Dreaming for Consciousness

Consciousness today demands contentment
For celebrating life is her only wish

Laughter shall be her present
Gifted with smiles unforlorn

Belief bestows new life
Birthed within her heart and mind

Spirit vanquishes her shame
Soul unleashes new rhythms

Truth reveals its beauty
Love wipes away her tears

Sleep opens the map
Dreams guide her to you


Turning Promise Into Belief

Written June 14, 2009.

Turning Promise Into Belief

Peering through her starlight
Time delicately beats
Coiling mystery into beauty
Condensing vision into feeling

Sensing her tenderness
It gently splashes
Wetting with anticipation
Marinating feeling with thought

Such a taste excites her palate
Sparks the imagination
Overwhelms all sense of reality
Ultimately infusing thought with possibility

Dreams take root
Hope finds new life
Impulsively encouraging us
To see possibility’s promise

Fueled by new perspectives
Time flattens the obstacles to understanding
Crumpling our doubts
Turning promise into belief


A Privilege I Will Not Cede

Written June 3, 2009, for Melissa Ruggiero, on the occasion of her high school graduation.  This will hopefully be meaningful to all those who find themselves on the precipice of a life changing transition, particularly high school, college graduates and perhaps newly single individuals…

A Privilege I Will Not Cede

Memories flood my mind
As my heart compiles the feelings I have gathered
Along with the wisdom I have earned
The precious moments I will always cherish

The friends I trust
The family I love
The mentors who have guided me
The people I admire

Let me hold still a while
To soak in the energy of their hopes for me
Genuinely revealed as if they were their own
A testament to everlasting bonds forged into my identity

Feeling the power of this insight
My own dreams begin stirring
Seeking to sprout forth from experiences I have yet to behold
A tapestry I will build in the years to come

Freedom’s wings flutter feverishly as I enjoy autonomy
Testing the limits of my vision
For my future is waiting for me to define it
A privilege I will not cede to blurry souls